Enjoy a wonderful journey through a star-studded sky in order to see one of the most spectacular natural phenomena known to man.

Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis – is an amazing light display that occurs when the sun hurls solar flares, containing charged particles, millions of miles into space. When these particles meet Earth’s atmosphere, they collide with gases and create the stunning green glow. It is usually a vibrant green but you can also see the more rare colors of red and blue at times of very high activity.

The Auroras are coloring Arctic skies from 80-90 % of the dark nights. It is more challenging to witness the lights from the ground as clouds often block the visibility and keep us waiting. Sometimes your holiday schedule just don’t match with the weather and you might miss your chance. Northern Light Flight will climb above the clouds and fly you closer to see the phenomena!


1.12.2018 – 31.03.2019

We will pick you up from the hotel (pick up time and place agreed separately) and offer a return transfer to the airport. All you need is your normal, warm outdoor clothing, adventurous mind and a camera!

The airplane is Piper PA-31 instrumental flight equipped with an anti-icing system and carries seven passengers. The flights are conducted with a flight crew of two pilots.
Flight time is around 1 hour, including takeoff and landing preparations. After landing the transfer takes you back to the hotel – hopefully with good memories and camera shots.

According to Sámi folklore, the Auroras are caused by a fox running over the fells of Lapland, whipping up snow with its tail and sending sparks up the northern sky. The sparks form a colourful arc of fire that lights up the dark landscape. The Finnish name for the Northern Lights, “revontulet”, meaning “fox fire”, derives from this myth.